Risk Management - Credit Unions

Good Risk Management is increasingly recognised as a positive contributor to the success of any undertaking.

Mature organisations are expanding their risk management framework to capture not just the ‘Risk of Failure’ but also to consider and manage the ‘Risk of not Succeeding’.

At Governance Matters we can assist Credit Unions to develop and implement a robust risk management framework which will contribute to the performance of the scheme as well as meeting best practice risk management standards.

We can assist with:

  • Structure and workings of the Risk Committee of the Board
  • Design of the Risk Management Framework of the Credit Union
  • Development of Board Risk Appetite and appropriate metrics to facilitate monitoring of risk
  • Documentation of risk policies across the key business areas of the Credit Union
  • Development and implementation of risk management tools to aid with the Identification, Mitigation, and Management of Risks
  • Design and implementation of risk reporting tools to inform management and the Board of risk events and the effectiveness of risk controls
If you would like to discuss any of these services with us please contact us at:
info@governancematters.ie or +353 (0)45 862218

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