Planning the 2021 Agenda

As Financial Services Boards and Senior Management focus on planning their agendas for 2021, the range of topics to add to the standard annual cycle is ever growing. Some specific topics for consideration include:

Post Covid issues:

  • - Customer behaviour changes (digital access, product opportunities, etc)
  • - Culture shifts within the business, including continuing flexible working arrangements

Post Brexit issues:

  • - Temporary permissions run-off
  • - GDPR and data transfers in/out of the UK
  • - Group supervision issues

Regulatory progression:

  • - Pre-emptive Recovery Plans
  • - AMLD 5
  • - Fitness & probity (assurance required)
  • - IFRS 17
  • - Senior Executive Accountability Regime

Strategic risks:

  • - Climate Change (ORSA feature)
  • - Cyber risk and the data governance framework


These are but a few of the bigger items requiring discussion in 2021. To cover these and the many other will require conscious planning. Don’t simply turn the page on the 2020 template agenda.

January 2021

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